Tips on How to Get More Twitter Followers Fast



Twitter is the fastest growing social media network today, and it is clear to see that it’s not just a fad. Businesses of all types and sizes are using Twitter to gain exposure and increase sales in different ways. Whatever strategies you use, you need to get more Twitter followers ASAP if you really want to grow your business! Use the following 5 great tips to get more Twitter followers:

1. Write a great bio! This is really the only place you can tell people a little about yourself and your product or service. Be creative! Make it fun and interesting because this can really make the difference whether or not someone decides to follow you! Ask employees or friends for their opinion of your bio. Does it convey the message you want? Would it compel the reader to want to know more about you or your business?

2. Follow top tweeters and people that you admire (with a large following) to see how they communicate and what they are tweeting about. You can pick up some great writing styles and ideas from just paying attention to others. There are some very creative and unique ways to maximize those 140 characters so learn the ropes and use it to your advantage!

3. Although most people are familiar with “retweeting”, it wouldn’t hurt to explain it and ask your followers to retweet your links. Having your followers retweet your links could lead to more exposure, and thus, more followers. This is why tweeting good, relevant content is of the utmost importance! You’d be surprised how far that silly or compelling tweet could spread in Twitter-land.

4. Be sure to use #hash tagging as it makes your content easier to find, which may just lead to more followers with your same interests. Because there is so much information out there, it helps to categorize yours so that people already looking in that category will come across your tweets.

5. Use some of the apps available to find Twitter communities that are relevant to your interests, products or service. There are many apps out there, I know, but consider how fast you can get more Twitter followers when you are targeting crowds based on interests or even geographically. The sky is the limit!

If you already use Twitter for your business, congratulations and keep building your Twitter following. If you haven’t joined the fun yet, it’s not too late…get your Twitter account up and running sooner than later. Get your business in front of this wave while you still have time! For more ideas and benefits of using Twitter to grow your business, visit

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